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From Infinient to Ryel Digital

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From Infinient to Ryel Digital | Ryel Digital

Your company’s name is more than just a tag; it’s a representation of identity, values, and purpose. Renaming a company involves thoughtful consideration, as it signifies a commitment, investment, determination, and often a leap of faith. But why embark on such a change? Sometimes, it becomes a necessary step for a business to evolve and grow. 

In this post, we’ll take you through our journey from Infinient to Ryel Digital – delving into the why, the meaning, and what lies ahead.

Renaming a company after a decade in operation is uncommon, and various reasons may prompt such a change – a shift in ownership or a name that no longer stands out in a competitive landscape.

For us, the decision was rooted in a significant business evolution: our product had outgrown our original name. Infinient, which started as a Web design and Hosting service in 2014, had seen substantial growth. We expanded our national and global presence, introduced new products and features, all while staying true to our mission: “You First.” Our goal has always been to provide standardized high-performance managed services with 24×7 support, acting as your extended business IT team and fostering lasting customer relationships.

Over the past 9 years, customer behavior has transformed. Today’s consumers seek personal connections with brands, unique messages, and the ability to interact with companies anytime, anywhere. They expect more than just a service; they crave an experience.

Recognizing the changing landscape, we understood that our clients needed more, as their customers demanded more. Modern businesses rely on technology to deliver great experiences at scale. Hence, our endeavor was clear: to create a simple and affordable platform offering hosting, website builders, cloud instances, and enterprise services.

A New Name to Propel Our Mission Forward

With these transformative changes, our scope evolved, signaling the need for a new name and brand to facilitate the transition. The new identity had to align with the changing expectations of our customers.

Enter Ryel Digital – a name that perfectly encapsulates our mission and resonates with the evolving needs of our clients. It marks an exciting milestone for our clients, community, and partners, celebrating the relationships we build with those around us.

Here’s to the new journey as Ryel Digital!


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