Hybrid Cloud

Embrace the best of both worlds. Hybrid cloud solutions offer your business the flexibility to seamlessly manage dynamic workloads while maintaining cost-effectiveness.


Working together across your infrastructure

We’ll collaborate with you to identify the optimal hybrid solution. This involves dividing your infrastructure across public, private, on-premise, and various third-party hosting, such as Amazon Web Services and Ryel Digital Enterprise Services, tailored to meet your specific needs in any configuration.

Fully managed hybrid services

Our standard offering includes comprehensive managed services for every component of your hybrid cloud, even third-party elements. Our fully personalised, always-on service allows you to concentrate on what matters most: your users, customers, and your business.

Pick and mix infrastructure

Hybrid solutions offer the opportunity and flexibility to distribute workloads and technical assets across various infrastructure types, enabling your system to efficiently manage both peak and off-peak periods.

Streamline costs

Customizing your infrastructure mix can enhance cost efficiency. Optimizing your infrastructure configuration can lead to reduced overall spending compared to relying on a single hosting solution for your entire IT setup.

Boost your security

Hybrid gives you both flexibility and security. Seamlessly combine maximum security private cloud for sensitive and critical workloads like transactions, with the performance and scalability of public cloud for less sensitive activities, like testing and development.


Our managed services, built around your business


Benefit from expertly managed DigitalOcean services designed to optimize your cloud infrastructure’s performance, reliability, and security, ensuring a seamless experience for your business.


Experience the lightning-fast scalability of Amazon Web Services coupled with our customized management and 24/7 on-call full support.

RDES Private Cloud

“Ryel Digital Enterprise Services provide an ideal solution for your compliance needs through our private cloud offerings. Tailored for high-security industries, you’ll receive a dedicated secure server cluster with customisable Disaster Recovery and High Availability options.

On-Prem Hybrid

Ryel Digital Enterprise Services specialize in On-Premise Hybrid Cloud solutions, offering a versatile approach to optimize your infrastructure. Our tailored hybrid cloud solutions blend the best of on-premise and cloud environments, ensuring a flexible, secure, and efficient IT landscape for your enterprise.

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